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5 Reasons to start a Website for your small business

5 Reasons to start a Website for your small business

Some small business owners may think, “Why do I need a website if I’m active on social media?” or “Why do I need a website when I only do X or Y?” The truth is every small business should have a website. Period. Why?

1. Credibility

Most businesses have a website.

So if your business does not, it tends to turn people (or leads) away. That being said, if the website appears outdated – the same problem can occur.

It’s important to keep that website up-to-date. This includes poor design, layout, font, colors, etc.

Technology changes rapidly, keep up with it and you’ll stay ahead of competition and keep generating leads.

Having a website gives you a chance to explain why you’re valuable and your consumer needs you.

2. Marketing

More often than not, people will be searching for what they want or need using a search engine.

With proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your small business will show up in local search results. If you’re competing with large chains, you’re going to need this competitive advantage.

Lots of times, people are out living their life and they go to a search engine and type what they’re looking for and the search engine will autopopulate “near me”. Without a website, you’re missing out on all these potential leads.

3. Competition

In this digital age, competition is intense. This is a big reason why small businesses need websites.

The majority of small businesses have an online presence. They may have a website, social media accounts, or both.

Those that don’t have a website can’t compete with the companies that do.
Online consumers are only going to see the businesses that have websites.

That means all other businesses that don’t have a web presence will miss out. Meanwhile, businesses with websites will be pulling in leads and sales.

4. Availability

You may only work 9-5. The world around you is always on the move.

With a website, before or after hours, users have access to your information, products, and contact information.

If someone wants to learn more about you and your business, all the information is available 24/7.

If a customer wants to purchase a product now, they can order it and you can work with it during your hours.

Missing something on your website that a lead is looking for: information or products or something else? All your contact information is available for that individual to leave you a message that you can attend to later.

5. Control

With a website, small business owners are in full control. You can publish what, when, where, and how content will be seen and perceived.

Using analytics gives even more control. There’s a lot of data that can be utilized. You can see where the user visited from, when they visited, and what they searched to get there.

You may be a small business in the middle of Colorado. However, if you someone found your site and lives in Kentucky, why wouldn’t you try to sell to them? Or even beyond that.

In Conclusion

Nowadays, websites are everywhere: business cards, billboards, product packaging, etc. You need a website to play the game and quality content to stand out. Get started today and contact us at

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