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Posted 10/22/2019 in Marketing

15 Ways to Get Your Business Found for Cheap!

15 Ways to Get Your Business Found for Cheap!

Small businesses are often wrought with the challenge of what marketing channel will deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) with limited advertising and funds. While there is no one size fits all solution as every business is different, there are some fundamental free or low-cost marketing channels that every business should utilize. As discussed in “Small Business Market Research-4 Tips for Making a Plan that WINS!”,  defining your target audience is key when implementing a successful marketing and advertising campaign. 

In this article we look at 15 tips to market your small business and get found by potential customers and clients. 

Kickoff Strategy – The basics you can do for FREE!

  1. Develop a robust social media presence
    1. Create business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  2. List your business on free directory sites and claim all your free business profiles
    1. Altitude Index
    2. Yelp
    3. Google My Business
    4. Foursquare
    5. Yahoo Small Business
    6. Bing Places for Business
    7. Yellow Pages
    8. Alignable
  3. Create a coupon
  4. Create a “frequent buyer or client appreciation” rewards program
  5. Start an affiliate program
  6. Ask for referrals
  7. Record a podcast
  8. Respond to all reviews online
  9. Start building your data base of customers / vendors

Kickoff Strategy – Less expensive and doable for any small business

  1. Design your logo and create a basic flyer of your product/service
    1. Have an idea but are unable to do it yourself? Find the perfect small business to help make your idea become reality. 
  2. Get a Business Card to give to prospective customers and clients
  3. Develop a Basic Informational Website
    1. Search, compare and connect with small businesses that provide website services for any price range. Having a polished website is critical as it acts as your online storefront.
  4. Write blog posts for your website
  5. Promote your product/service at a charity event
  6. Write a press release
    1. Submit your press release to various distribution channels

At Altitude Index we connect small businesses with specialized business services. At our business essential services directory, we provide consultancy on starting small business partnerships and help our users find small business startup services. Get in touch with us today for more information.